Mobile Targets

Mobile Targets – AXE everywhere!

Can’t come to us…? Let us come to you! What can we say about our mobile targets, they draw unparalleled attention and that’s just how we like it.  All of our axe throwing awesomeness wherever your next adventure takes you. Book one-to-four targets to supercharge your experience. Customizable events to fit your budget. The perfect way to celebrate bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays or corporate team building experiences. We even know how to throw down at the infamous Calgary Stampede. So get ready to impress your friends or colleagues with an awesome skill and bring out your inner Viking, Lumberjack or Gladiator!

  • Private Events

    An AXEmazing good time for you and your friends!

  • Pick up Nights

    Great for couples or friends looking to try something new!

  • League Nights

    A great way to experience some friendly competition.